Deaf Doorbells

Wollongong Service Company is one of few suppliers of deaf doorbells. Our deaf doorbells allow you to see flashing lights installed in multiple rooms within the home. Flashing LED lights are installed to either walls or ceilings, giving you the flexibility of walking between rooms without carrying a portable device. Our customers have the option of choosing as many lights as they prefer as well as selecting the light locations that suits them.

Our deaf doorbell system is a wired system connecting directly through to your power. This ensures that no replacement of batteries is ever required.

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Our Deaf Doorbell Benefits include:

  • You can choose as many or as few lights as you prefer
  • Connected to a wired system
  • No need to replace batteries ever
  • You choose the locations of your LED flashing lights
  • Our deaf doorbells are installed by our licenced electricians
  • No need to carry a portable device within your home
  • Customised to your personal needs and requirements
  • Cost-effective