Microwave Repairs

Microwave Meltdown? Our Appliance Repair Service to the Rescue!

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Is your microwave playing the stubborn mule? Maybe it’s not heating food properly, the turntable isn’t spinning, or it’s making a buzzing sound? Well, let’s put an end to those microwave meltdowns!

Our expert repair team can handle all microwave brands and models. From repairing faulty magnetrons to replacing malfunctioning turntables to ensuring your microwave is heating efficiently - we’ve got it all covered. We’ll diagnose the issue, carry out the necessary repairs, and ensure your microwave is back to its best.

So sit back, relax, and let us tackle those microwave meltdowns. We’ll have your popcorn popping perfectly in no time!

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We have a one of the best Service Call rate of Appliance Assessment in the Illawarra.

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